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How to synchronize the calendar (iCAL)

If you list your properties on other websites, you can synchronize your calendar dates with other calendars.

Please note: This feature is available only if the booking mode is set for nightly booking.


Create the iCalendar Feeds page

Before syncing your calendar is required that you create a specific page to import/export your iCal feeds.
In your left sidebar navigate to Pages > Add new and create a new page using the iCalendar Feeds page template like displayed on the image here below.


How to synchronize the calendar

  1. Login to your frontend dashboard
  2. Edit one of your listing and access the Calendar tab
  3. Click on Sync iCal and select Import

Please note: The cronjob runs every 4 hours.


From the Import iCal pop-up enter the Feed Name (It can be whatever) and enter the Feed URL and click on Save Feeds.
You Can import multiple feeds by clicking on the Add Feed button.

Steps to import from AirBnB

  1. Sign in with your host account on Airbnb.
  2. Go to the Ads button and click on Manage ad.
  3. Select Availability and navigate to the Synchronize calendars section.
  4. Click on Export calendar and copy the URL.
  5. Login to your frontend dashboard.
  6. Edit one of your listing and access the Calendar tab.
  7. Click on Sync iCal and select Import.
  8. Paste the URL (the iCal with the Airbnb calendar).


Steps to import from Booking.com


Integrations over iCal (calendar)

– MegaBooker – https://megabooker.hr
– Phobs – https://phobs.net

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